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YOGA 101: Yoga for Teens

Starts again September 2015!


Yoga for PE credit for students from The Bishop's School

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Yoga for Healthy Hips with Ann West

September 26, 12pm-2pm


 Therapeutic Workshop to Open & Strengthen the Hips


  The hips are large, complex joints comprised of many

  powerful muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves  and blood

  vessels.  One of the most important  joints in the body,

  they allow us to walk, run and jump.



Along with the pelvis, they also act as a fulcrum that connects our upper and lower body, as well as help

form our center of gravity and offer foundational support for the spine.

Healthy hips require a balance of stability and flexibility. This therapeutic yoga workshop will teach you

effective ways to build hip strength and increase range of motion so you can journey through life with 

confidence and ease.


All levels welcome. Suitable for students with minor hip or lower back issues.

Fee: $35 pre-reg., $45 drop in

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