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YOGA 101: Yoga for Teens

December 2 - February 13

Yoga for PE credit for students from The Bishop's School

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Reversing the Aging of the Spine with Rachel Krentzman

February 4

This specialty workshop explores the extraordinary benefits of spinal traction using the
Yoga Wall system.
In this two hour workshop we will systematically explore postures to help create length and
unload the spine.  Created by Purna Yoga founder, Aadil Palkhivala, the 'Reversing the Aging of the
Spine' sequence allows you to experience every possible movement in the spine while in traction.
It is ideal to help prevent and heal degenerative disc disease as well as improve overall spinal mobility. 

*The course is not recommended for any acute back conditions (< 6 weeks post injury) or anyone with
hypertension, glaucoma or recent eye surgery due to inversions being practiced. 

Space is limited to 14 participants.
$45 pre-reg., $55 drop in.



Exploring Alignment, Balance & Range of Motion:

Iyengar Chair Yoga Workshop with Ann West

Postponed until January 


Yoga chairs are powerful, effective props that can enhance and enrich your yoga practice. They can

help achieve and maintain correct alignment, stabilize the body, and increase range of motion.

Chairs can help make difficult poses more accessible or increase the challenge of the basic poses.  

This workshop will serve as an introduction to students who are new to using yoga chairs.

There will be particular focus on their therapeutic use, and how to utilize them for opening and

support in standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions.  

Students of all levels are welcome!  


Fee: $45 pre-reg., $50 drop in 

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