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 Overcoming Deep Seated Anxiety

 Kundalini Workshop with Hari Das Kaur

 July 12, 2-4pm

Join Hari Das for an afternoon of Kudanlini Yoga specifically focusing on
overcoming deep seated fears, worries and anxiety. Our thoughts are
powerful tools and it is up to us what we focus our mind on. We will practice
Kundalini Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to become
relaxed and experience inner calm and peacefulness.

Please join us for a very uplifting afternoon!


Cost: $20 pre-reg., $25 drop in

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Sat Nam Rasayan

Healing Through Consciousness with Hari Das Kaur

July 9,  7:15pm-9:15pm


Learn the sacred healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan!

All of us are born with the innate capacity to heal. In this intimate and

experienced class you will learn how easy it is to reclaim that ability.  

You will learn an ancient yogic healing system that uses your awareness and

your consciousness as its only tool.

Sat Nam Rasayan is rooted in the healing traditions of Kundalini Yoga.

It is based on the quality of human consciousness that allows it to become

transcendent. Anyone can learn Sat Nam Rasayan!  We will begin with pranayams

(breathing exercises) and meditation and  then explore Sat Nam Rasayan -

which is performed between a healer/teacher and an individual or group.


SNR has a variety of uses and benefits:

It can alleviate depression, anxiety, stress, or be used to diagnose specific physical
diseases and their root cause.  It can also bring a deep state of peace to the healer,

as it requires entering a very high meditative state to an expanded consciousness so

that the healer can "pick up" on the "discontinuity" of energy flow in the subject's
physical and subtle bodies.

Join us for an experience that will change your perception of reality and bring

you a deep state of peace.


Cost: $20 pre.-reg., $25 thereafter

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YogaGirl - yoga for teens

starts  September 15, 2014!

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July 9




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